In 1958, Harvard University Press published the first volume of NOMOS, the first yearbook of the American Society for Political and Legal Philosophy. Edited by Carl Friedrich, and entitled Authority, it began a series of annual volumes published or currently in production. These thematic collections have been staples of political and legal philosophical scholarship for the last half-century and in many cases have become the first place for scholars to turn on any given theme. The essays continue to be a valuable resource for interdisciplinary research and undergraduate and graduate education.

The following is a list of all NOMOS volumes, by date published:

I. Authority 1958 
II. Community 1959
III. Responsibility 1960 
IV. Liberty 1962 
V. The Public Interest 1962
VI. Justice 1963
VII. Rational Decision 1964
VIII. Revolution 1966
IX. Equality 1967
X. Representation 1968
XI. Voluntary Association 1969
XII. Political and Legal Obligation 1970
XIII. Privacy 1971
XIV. Coercion 1972 
XV. The Limits of Law 1974
XVI. Participation 1975
XVII. Human Nature in Politics 1977
XVIII. Due Process 1977
XIX. Anarchism 1978
XX. Constitutionalism 1979
XXI. Compromise 1979
XXII. Property 1980
XXIII. Human Rights 1981
XXIV. Ethics, Economics, and the Law 1982
XXV. Liberal Democracy 1983
XXVI. Marxism 1983
XXVII. Criminal Justice 1983
XXVIII. Justification 1985
XXIX. Authority Revisited 1985
XXX. Religion, Morality, and the Law 1988
XXXI. Markets and Justice 1989
XXXII. Majorities and Minorities 1990
XXXIII. Compensatory Justice 1991
XXXIV. Virtue 1992
XXXV. Democratic Community 1993
XXXVI. The Rule of Law 1994
XXXVII. Theory and Practice 1995
XXXVIII. Political Order 1996
XXXIX. Ethnicity and Group Rights 1997
XL. Integrity and Conscience 1998
XLI. Global Justice 1999
XLII. Designing Democratic Institutions 2000
XLIII. Moral and Political Education 2001
XLIV. Child, Family, and the State 2003 
XLV. Secession and Self-Determination 2003 
XLVI. Political Exclusion and Domination 2004 
XLVII. Humanitarian Intervention 2007
XLVIII. Toleration and Its Limits 2008 
XLIX. Moral Universalism and Pluralism 2009
L.  Getting to the Rule of Law 2011
LI. Transitional Justice 2012
LII. Evolution and Morality 2012
LIII. Passions and Emotions 2012
LIV. Loyalty 2013
LV. Federalism and Subsidiarity 2014
LVI. American Conservative Thought and Politics 2016
LVII. Immigration, Emigration, Migration 2018
LVIII. Wealth 2018
LIX. Compromise 2018
LX. Privatization 2019
LXI. Political Legitimacy 2019