Upcoming Conference

The 2019 conference will be on “Truth and Evidence,” at Princeton University on Friday, September 27, 2019. Please mark your calendars! Melissa Schwartzberg and Philip Kitcher have assembled the following slate of speakers:

Principal paper: Kimberly Ferzan (University of Virginia)
Commentator: Renee Bolinger (Princeton University, Political Science)
Commentator: Jason Stanley (Yale University, Philosophy)

Principal paper: Michael Lynch (University of Connecticut)
Commentator: Michael Saks (Arizona State University, Law)
Commentator: John Sides (George Washington University, Political Science)

Political Science
Principal paper: Bernard Harcourt (Columbia University)
Commentator: Jasmine Gonzales Rose (University of Pittsburgh, Law)
Commentator: Cheryl Misak (University of Toronto, Philosophy)

ASPLP members will receive copies of the papers ahead of the conference.